The rhythm of time

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on November 21, 2020 in Uncategorized

Months have passed, all a blur. Much has happened and nothing is predictable. We swim in a soup of uncertainty, treading water far from visible shores.

Perhaps we can mark time differently, detached from travel plans, daily transport, without performance schedules or rehearsals, in free fall from time expectations, bereft of our roles and how we costumed those roles. The world has changed, and our place in the world changes in response.

From an Alexander perspective, our choice is in dynamic non-interference, in getting out of the way so the entire self can respond to the conditions at hand. This is incredibly active. We refuse to make something happen so we can be effective participants in what does happen. We don’t impose a result, but insist upon new means. We want what we don’t know rather than what we believe we already know.

We stand in front of a chair, intending to sit. We can hurry to the sitting, freeze in getting this “right”, or allow a broader and unexpected experience, a new rhythm and pace of perception.

Allowing new experience anywhere allows new experience everywhere. We are connected, integrated systems, continuums of thought/sensation/emotion/movement. We unfix to welcome, we welcome to unfix.

Curiosity is more interesting than control. Receptivity works better than defense. The times in which we live demand all of our elasticity and requires our ease.

We rise from the chair as one elastic system, a unified response. We welcome these times with curiosity. We acknowledge unfathomable loss, and count on our endurance.

We welcome the rhythm of time.