And back to running..

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just to catch people up who may be reading this blog for the first time:  I fractured my patella in a sidewalk fall in February 2009.  My recovery from this very serious injury  was long and arduous, and included two surgeries, extensive Physical Therapy, Gyrotonic exercise, application of Alexander principles, Osteopathic assistance, and more patience and endurance than imaginable for me previous to injury.

My goal of resuming treasured morning runs has included many bumps and non-starts.  Although my recovery has exceeded the expectations of my surgeon, I sought, and continue to seek, full functional recovery.  Meaning, I want to run again with ease and joy and good use of myself!

Because my knee was not too happy about running (nerve damage from surgeries, plus structural issues), I took most of the summer off even attempting an activity that was clearly beyond my current condition of self.  End gaining to run resulted in numbness in my knee and foot that was distressing.  There was no point in pushing beyond these clear signals.  So, I have been pursuing vigorous activity via Gyrotonic exercise, a system that is very Alexander compatible.  Of course, I also walk miles every day as my means of transport, and teach a very full schedule of Alexander lessons.

Yesterday and today, I went out for desired morning runs just to see what was possible in my current condition of self.  The air was fragrant and fresh, numerous birds chattered and called, and the light was gloriously rich.  I warmed up by walking with attention to my entire elastic self and to the world outside my self. My intention was to spring up from the ground with ease, and as I accelerated into a rhythmic, gentle run, my injured knee was only mildly challenged.  I still can’t manage much distance  or speed without pushing use beyond reasonable limits, but was thrilled to be able to run about 1/2 mile without distress or after effects.

Time taken for recovery has clearly had benefits.  My entire coordination and overall strength has improved by not running until my whole self was ready and willing.  My hope now is to conscientiously increase distance and time with a clear intention to the overall condition of self.