And onward with recovery..

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on January 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

In the initial, very depressing months of recovery from patella fracture, I had little hopes of being able to resume daily activities beyond teaching and basic daily pursuits.  Just walking was hard going, let alone dressing without assistance or descending stairs.  It has been a long road of dedication requiring expert help on many levels, but current evidence indicates that hard work, expert help and application of Alexander principles has paid off.

I do still have limitations that may be ongoing, or may resolve with time and more dedication.  My left (injured) knee cannot bend as my right (non-injured) knee can.  Kneeling remains difficult.  “Child’s Pose” (resting back on folded knees and head on folded arms on the ground) is not, sadly, an option. Sprinting full out on level ground (other than on the wet, firm sand of a Kauai beach, barefoot) for any distance is very difficult.  But, recalling that I couldn’t even sit comfortably for any length of time about 6 months ago reminds me of how far I have come.

Today, I deeply enjoyed a private Gyrotonic session with Magali Messac, my dear friend and Master Gyrotonic instructor.  She challenged me to explore much more vigorous and refined movement in a whole person manner than I have attempted since injury.  To say I was thrilled in the exploration barely states my exuberant response.  After nearly two years of limitation in activity, I can now experience new movement learning and  strength more fully again.

In fact, my use of self is probably better than previous to injury, as I have had the opportunity to re-examine habitual responses, old patterns, and long-held compensatory systems on all levels of self  during this long, arduous recovery.  My Alexander skills of pausing to allow a new response, refusing to narrow or shorten, allowing new experience, and insisting on a wider field of awareness were not only deepened but key to recovery.

I had to take the time that healing required, welcome expert assistance, and allow a bigger and unfamiliar coordination than previous experience and pain indicated. I am grateful, happy and relieved!