Two years later..

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today marks two years since I fractured my patella in a sidewalk fall.  The urgency in dedication required for my recovery has been balanced by the necessity for patience in progress.

The expert professional assistance that made recovery possible has been described in this blog.  Suffice to say, I could not have come this far and this well without the help of deeply skilled professionals.

Key points in recovery:

*working with a Physical Therapist whose approach is creative, comprehensive and Alexander compatible

*removing the knee hardware!  Huge difference!

*exploring activity within limits of pain via Gyrotonic exercise

*learning to rest (very difficult lesson for me)

*and to go slowly (torture!)

In Alexander parlance, I had to stick to the means-whereby,  attend to the entire use of self, and seek assistance  from others with a similar point of view.  End-gaining was not only undesirable but completely unproductive.  Pain was the clear and likely consequence of end-gaining toward a specific result in recovery.  The entire condition of self had to improve for my knee to improve and pain to lessen.

And look at me now!  I can run (with some frustrating imitations), pain is infrequent, kneeling is difficult but possible, and I can mount and dismount a horse again.  Sleep is not disrupted by discomfort, I can descend stairs with ease, my legs are reasonably balanced in strength, and I can manage air travel without excruciating pain.

There is room for improvement, but I am grateful and pleased for how very far I have come!