Urban mobility: great improvement

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Mobility limitations and pain have receded, and desired activity proceeds!

I flew to NYC for the first time since hardware removal surgery.  Although the cabin pressure and lengthy hours of sitting still inflame my knee, the discomfort is minimal compared to the excruciating pain I experienced when the hardware was still in place. This was a pleasant and very welcome difference.  I could walk off the plane and proceed to public transport with ease, rather than hobble off the plane and limp to the subway.  Grace in transport of my self was renewed.

While in NYC, I was very thrilled to average, according to my trusty pedometer, about 10 miles per day of walking, with some days of 15 miles!  This was accomplished with ease and speed and tremendous joy.  I also walked up and down numerous subway, hotel, and museum stairs with ease.

All of this improved mobility meant I could enjoy the city with great happiness and huge gratitude for my renewed mobility.  I enjoyed time with friends, delighted in seeing art and parks and favorite trees, and experienced the city I deeply love without having to attend to knee pain.  This is a quite different experience from even 6 months ago!

While in NYC, lessons with John Nicholls further improved my elastic connection to the ground, and overall expansion of self.  I have been studying with John for over 20 years now, and find his lessons continuously inspiring.  My condition of self always benefits from his work, and my respiratory response deepens and widens.  Breathing and use of self become one and the same condition, which is a very joyous experience.

What a gift this improved mobility presents!   I returned home able to run up hills in my morning explorations in an even more vigorous manner.  Soon, I hope, I will be able to run on the flat (more impact) with ease and joy!