4 legs on wheels

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on November 3, 2023 in Uncategorized

A new injury means, what else, further learning, creative problem solving and extended curiosity.  Why waste a good crisis?

I recently fractured my foot in a quotidian manner. Stuff happens. While pain levels were nearly unnoticeable, distress for inactivity was high. Exploration of the world through thoughtful movement is my dedicated delight.

Medical recommendation for thorough bone healing: a minimum of 6 weeks with no weight bearing on the injured foot.  (Note:  I live in a 3rd floor walk-up and teach in a 2nd floor walk-up).

My primary intention was to safely resume in-person, hands-on teaching, as this engages all of me in a constructive manner.  The intention of safety included how to descend and ascend stairs.

A rolling stool allowed me to have hands available as well as safe indoor movement.  Crawling at home offered another safe option, as long as I allowed a lively, wide, breathing back to spring from my 4 limbs.

To descend and ascend stairs: arms and legs out of entire wide, breathing back as I scoot on my rear end up and down.  Sort of a reverse crawl.

Teaching lessons from a rolling stool has been fun, productive and enlivening overall. A new experience!

I now think of myself as a 4 legged creature on wheels.  From that moving, unfixed perspective, I am less distressed, more hopeful, ever curious and mobile despite injury restrictions.

Our conditions of self don’t have to be ideal for us to remain curious, elastic and thoughtful in activity.  As demands increase, we can rise to meet them with less tension and more curiosity.  This may not speed healing, but the journey holds more interest while healing occurs