Means whereby: the elephant release campaign

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on October 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Frustration with delays and lack of strategic effectiveness for the intention of releasing Woodland Park Zoo elephants from horrible zoo conditions to much happier elephant sanctuary continues.  Applying principles of  dynamic non-interference (requesting internal quiet, allowing the activity to do itself, dynamically remaining present and not determining means in advance of clarity) has not yet resulted in progress for elephant release.  How to apply best use of my personal energy and enthusiasm to the intention of elephant release is my current question.  The obstacles are enormous (zoo’s political and financial power) and the means of overcoming these obstacles are as yet unknown.  Dismay and discouragement are potential outcomes, but then the elephants await some action on their behalf.

Whenever humans gather for an intended outcome, the stimulus for habitual response increases.  My own habit is to do something, especially when animal misery is indicated.  I had thus become involved with some very dedicated people in hopes of bringing my energy, extensive contacts, and sincere interest to bear on behalf of the elephants.  But human groups being what they are, and me being a flawed human with too much doing energy, I have been shushed and dismissed, despite all my good intentions.

And so, I seek other ways and means to serve the worthy intention of elephant release to sanctuary.  The means are as yet unclear, but intentions and ideas remain active.  If I can’t contribute to an existing campaign, what is my new means of contribution?  How can I help build a campaign for political and public support for elephant release while attending to the means-whereby?  How do I not pull down and end gain when so very much is at stake?

Meanwhile, on the running and knee recovery subject, I am now able to run several mornings per week with some ease and speed.  Relinquishing urgency resulted in success in intention to run again.  For the elephants, it is so very deeply challenging to relinquish urgency and allow the means-whereby  to reveal itself.

The elephants suffer while the means are discovered.