The continuum: no hierarchy

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on June 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the lives we currently live, as privileged  members of the First World, we have the dubious luxury of labeling some moments “more important” than others.   Capitalism relies upon this thinking.  Some activities are valued more than others, some moments are seen as more important..  We disconnect from our basic ease and primary connections in our urgency to find meaning.

F.M. Alexander began his journey of discovery to resolve a difficulty.  His personal challenge became an opportunity, and his opportunity became a Technique that has benefitted many individuals.  All the moments of his journey were necessary.

All the moments of our individual journeys are necessary.  There is no one moment when Alexander principles count more or less.  It is the continued intention and attention that adds up, the quiet insistence on learning that becomes a way of being. By increments, we learn to make choices where we can make choices, and to allow flow when we have no choice but to be in flow.  Gravity remains constant; our response  can be elastic  and full. We can pull down a little less and go up a little more.

Any moment becomes an opportunity.  We are mortal.  There are no guarantees.  If every moment is necessary, perhaps we can welcome and be awake to every moment.  The use of the integrated self seems essential.

Perhaps we can connect more widely to the world and to ourselves in the world by acknowledging the continuum of response to our moments, acceptance of our participation, in the adventure of being alive.