New era, new skills

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 19, 2020 in Uncategorized

Rising to demand as an intention and skill is essential in our present moment. Our dynamic area of effective choice is in our use of the entire instrument of self, and how we refine that instrument in response to an unrolling set of challenges.

If we can calm ourselves, even in distress, we can dynamically contribute to solutions. The following questions may give each of us the experiential data and insight to best proceed.

  1. Where is the ground? (No matter where the ground meets me, I spring easily from the ground)
  2. Where is my attention? (Is that where I want my attention to be?)
  3. How much less can I do/fix/be right? (Can I allow new solutions by not being right?)

Examples in application of above:

  1. Reaching for last item on a high grocery shelf: the ground receives my entire weight through my feet and sends my arm up. My attention includes the space around me and the ground coming up through me. I can try less to reach the thing, and allow more of an entire response. I have time to reach the thing on the shelf.
  2. Unstructured time: Walking: gravity (the ground) is always and everywhere available to send me up even if time is unstructured. I can walk and allow the ground to send me into motion. While walking my attention is easily external. I welcome the sound and light waves of the world. I forget about doing/fixing/being right and let the world walk me

Gravity/attention/undoing becomes a means of remaining dynamically effective, so that we can best care for ourselves and our communities.