Rising to higher demands

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

Of the many possible experiences in ongoing Alexander Technique lessons is that of rising to a demand with an elastic and curious response. We begin with the familiar activity of sitting and standing, and in that activity refine intention and attention, learn to interfere less, allow more. Then we proceed to more demanding activities.

All aspects of self are inseparable and integrated. If we can allow an easier means of moving from sitting to standing, we can allow a new means of learning.  We learn to dynamically allow new solutions, and to welcome support beyond our own habitual response.

Life, of course, has bigger ideas than sitting and standing. Challenges sneak or spring upon us. The plot shifts without our prior approval.

Our outcomes are not guaranteed. None of us are invincible, and we all eventually sleep the endless sleep. In the interim, we can allow time, welcome new demands, spring to the challenge and rise from a chair with surprising ease.