Newly refined running

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

During the recent meeting of AmSAT teachers in Las Vegas, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience workshops devoted  to the activity of running given by AT teacher and running coach Malcolm Balk.

Malcolm filmed each of us at the start and finish of the workshop.  The camera doesn’t lie!  We each saw the eveidence of how we were running with inefficient and overly effortful means.  It was both dismaying and informative to view how I have been interfering with elastic ease in my running, and needlessly impacting my back and knees!

Malcolm put us through a series of warm-up procedures to get our brains into a new cadence and co-ordination.  Working with Alexander principles, and based on his long experience as a running coach, he gave us all an opportunity  to re-think running as an activity in a comprehensive manner.

The result, for me, was that the recent disturbing numbness in my injured knee relented to near invisibility.  I was able to move vigorously and quickly on level ground and in bare feet without any evidence of undue challenge to my injured knee.

This experience demonstrates, yet again, that finding expert assistance that is consistent with Alexander principles is key to full and vigorous recovery from a serious injury.

I will be trying out this newly refined running and report on my neighborhood morning runs!

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