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Posted by Jeanne Barrett on November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Having taken a break from my morning hill runs due to recent extreme weather, I was happy this morning to resume pre-dawn hill walk/run exploration.  Not only did I run up various hill grades with ease, but also actually ran on level ground for over 5 blocks!!!  This may not sound like much distance to non-injured people, but after nearly two years of recovery, during which I often struggled with merely walking, it was cause for celebration in my book!

My knee feels strange while running, in that the signals are unclear.  There is likely some nerve damage due both to the emergency repair surgery and to the hardware removal surgery.  I can’t describe the odd sensation as pain; more as of a lack of elastic response.  The challenge thus becomes not pulling down with my attention to the weird knee sensations, and instead attending to a wider view of my self and the world beyond my self.  If I pull down to the knee, my gait becomes clumsy and heavy.  If I expand, instead, to the sights, sounds and potentially springy response of my whole self, my gait becomes more even, lighter, and happiness in running resumes.  I don’t intend to ignore pain in any way, but to attend to the entire self and thus to cues for appropriate moderation in activity.  The bigger view is more accurate than the specific view.

Now, of course, being the vigor-interested person that I am, I want to sprint!  Have I learned patience?  NO!  Have I learned the consequences of impatience?  YES!

I will await the experience of sprinting with a happy curiosity.

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