Running progress!

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on October 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Big thrill this morning!  After running up a series of hills, and feeling no pain in knee or foot, I ran on level grade for 2 blocks!!  I resumed walking when I had the vaguest protest from my knee (end-gaining will do me no good, as evidenced by all my experience since injury).  It has been 20 months and 12 days since I could run on level grade, a very long time for a person whose main speed is “go”.

And, I have a much more even gait in running up hill, instead of the rather lurching non-integrated gait of previous months.  This indicates a more balanced elastic response through my whole self.

The condition of self improves in increments that add up, with time, patience and attention to overall use.  Hope resumes that I can run on the beach in Kauai in December, at least a little distance,  just for the overwhelming joy of running in the surf as the sun rises and stars begin to fade into dawn, with stars reflected in the black volcanic sands of Kauai and the ocean licking my happy feet.

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