The minimalist run

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on August 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Recovery from patella fracture sidelined me in numerous ways that have been amply described over the past year and a half.  Being able to accomplish simple daily activities without pain or restriction has required continuous dedication, lots of help from other professionals, and patience beyond my personal limits.  The fact that I can now walk with ease, pursue Gyrotonic exercise full tilt, and live with minimal pain brings me much joy, relief and gratitude.  And, as I have expressed frequently in this blog, my hope and intention is to resume the joy of running again.   Moving with exhilaration and rhythm  calms my mind and eases emotional noise.  Running in the morning air and light was my means of balancing my entire self previous to injury, and I have missed that joyous experience deeply.

During the past few weeks, I have been walking carefully down not so steep hills and walking quickly up very steep hills to strengthen an entire balance of tone with good use and elastic wholeness.  Today, I actually accelerated into a run up two short hills!!!!!

The injured knee was confused, and the uneven strength of my legs was distractingly obvious.  One leg is responsive and elastic, and the other is slow and heavy in response.  New brain maps have to be developed and coaxed.  My gait can only be described as uneven, clunky and unintegrated. All of my Alexander thinking can’t override the results of 18 months of very asymmetrical use.

Knowing all too well the downside of pushing beyond a current condition of self, I am proceeding with care and awareness.  I am resisting (with difficulty) a plan to increase running, attending to the means-whereby, delighting in progress, and accepting whatever pace my morning hill walk reveals.

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