Recovery update and gratitudes

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Many friends have assisted me in this hopefully temporary state of partial mobility.  Darlene, Lindsey , Megan and Magali have all very kindly given me rides to work and home again.  Numerous people, friends and students, have emailed or phoned with concern, support and offers of assistance.  Several dear people have called or emailed to make me laugh in the midst of my deep despair.  Carmella the cat has insisted that play is a big priority.  Heidi, my wonderful PT, and Yoshiro, my incredible acupuncture guy, have assisted with skill and generosity.  My gratitude to all of the above is deep, huge, and continuous!

My foot still hurts a lot with any extended walking, but less than in previous days.  Today, I was able to walk to my local coffee shop, slowly and carefully.  Then, I took a bus (I would have normally walked this distance with ease) to the Gryotonic studio. Although I was annoyed not to be able to walk there without pain, I was deeply thrilled to explore non-weight bearing activity, once I was there, and to move vigorously and consciously.  I could think with my whole self, and experience rhythm and challenge in activity without compromising my foot.

Later, when  I went for a walk in the lovely Summer day with my cane for help, I noticed that  if I attended in a whole fashion to my length and width (requesting quiet, refusing to narrow or shorten, asking for width and length, refusing to check on results),  my foot hurt far less, or at the least, I reacted to foot pain with minimal overall contraction.

At least I can walk a little bit.  My slow and careful pace, and the required attention to whole self use, gives me an opportunity to notice the world at a reduced pace.  Birds and foliage and clouds all register with more significance when I am forced to move with care and a very slow pace.  It seems like I already learned this lesson earlier in my recovery, but I guess there must be more to learn.

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