The Faux Run Idea

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

As has been frequently expressed in these blog posts, I miss my morning runs with a passion.  The stillness I found in movement, the morning sounds, scents, views, light, the rhythm of timelessness, and the ensuing balance of self in the world all provided many joys previous to immobilizing injury.

So, I can’t run yet, but I can walk.  I decided to experience “running” from whatever condition of self is available to me.  Perhaps my neural and muscular self would recognize new options from a partial re-enactment.

I donned my running gear and simply walked my running route of several miles through the neighborhood.  The morning air, with breezes from Puget Sound, the Spring foliage, and the many songs of migrating birds, as well as seagull calls and crow chatter, drifted happily through me.  Expanding my picture beyond what I can’t do brought the joys of what I can do to awareness.  I can attend to my use without fear of pain or potential falls, and experience the possibility of running again.  Quieting myself, hearing my own noise and not reacting to that incessant noise, refusing to narrow or shorten, and welcoming the wide world resulted in a very happy faux run.

The only detail missing was actually running, which may well occur in time, with faux runs as my new means-whereby.  Attend to overall use and the thing will do itself is my constant theme.  Progress toward full recovery proceeds incrementally, but it does proceed.

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