Constant change in recovery from injury

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on January 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Recovery from injury is rarely linear in progress, as evidenced by my experience, and frequently noted in this blog.  Recovery spirals and oscillates and quivers on the edge of personal use, activity levels, environmental shifts such as barometric pressure, genetic pre-disposition, and many factors often beyond comprehension.  In the triangle of structure/function/use, the most effect we can have is upon use, which improves function and can potentially even affect structure.

I have been coming along pretty well in the past weeks.  Reduced pain and improved function have cheered me.  With the solid experience of nearly a year since injury, I have increased daily activity with incremental steps and with respectful attention. Nothing sudden or accelerated has been attempted.  Yet, for no reason I can fathom, pain and reduction in injured knee mobility have returned with lazarine vigor.  Add to this the fact that my non-injured knee is now loudly complaining after 11 months of asymmetrical weight-bearing.

How to use myself well with two acutely (but differently) painful knees is a challenge I will need to address.  Living, thinking, even sleeping with good use becomes hugely important with these conditions of Self.

Given that change is constant, and that recovery goes along in unpredictable shifts, I will trust that attending to good use will result in a surprisingly new ease once again, and a pain free mobility after this weird interim of difficulty and challenged mobility.  I intend to respond to the current conditions of Self with the best means I know:  a dynamic non-interference that may reveal new solutions in overall coordination.  As yet unknown lessons will be learned!

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