More victories in recovery: film viewing!

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

A serious injury and all the physical and psychological pains of recovery from injury impact life deeply. Pursuits of pleasure that were formerly easy and without thought become either challenging or impossible.  Life narrows, and new coping strategies to maintain overall function and personal optimism must be found.  The self-pity dance leads nowhere but down.

Previous to injury, I was not only physically active, but also active in viewing film on the big screen, as well as attending performances of music, dance and theatre.  Since injury 10 months ago,  it has been nearly impossible for me to sit comfortably for even a brief amount of time.  This has limited my cultural pursuits and my social interactions.  Even dinner with friends was difficult in terms of pain limits for sitting.

So, I was very pleased and encouraged this past week to be able to view some films on the big screen!  I did have to carefully choose a seat that would allow me to wiggle and move and stretch out my leg without disrupting other viewers (usually the very back seat in the “disabled” section), but I can tolerate a few hours of (wiggly) viewing now.  I am so very thrilled to be able to see films again!  Although this may not sound like improved “mobility”, a level of visual mobility is now, once again, available to me.

The continuing application of Alexander principles figures in here.  I could not, until now, push ahead of the condition of Self I found myself in, and had to wait (inhibit) until I could find a means of using myself well to pursue desired activities.  The emotional and psychological consequences have been a struggle.  Depression lurks like a shark in the shadows, but knowing I have a choice in response in my intention and attention has saved me from utter dismay.  Noting each small step in recovery, celebrating the renewal of life activities, marking how far I have come is how I continue to defeat self-pity and depression.

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