Going up more, pulling down less

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on August 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

From an Alexander perspective, we can all go up a little more and pull down a little less.  This applies throughout life, and especially for Alexander teachers, who have been applying Alexander principles  to activity on a daily basis for many years.  The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix.  The habits of a lifetime are addressed by continuous attention to overall use of the self, and an intention in response that is elastic and whole-person attentive.  More and more layers of potentially pulling down in response to stimuli need to be kindly and gently addressed, so that thinking with the whole self becomes a continuously developing skill.

I can walk with much more ease and speed now, much to my joy.  But I must apply the directive of “going up more, pulling down less” to daily mundane activity to continue with recovery.  When I find myself limping and lurching, I have to calm and quiet my mind, refuse to pull down in my attention, and decide on the priority of springing up from the ground with my entire neuro-muscular response.  This results in a more balanced means of walking, less pain and fear of pain, and a wider attention to the wonderful world that surrounds me.  I can enjoy the views and the experience involved in walking without pulling my attention down to my injured knee.

This is not to suggest that I ignore or suppress any discomfort, whether physical or emotional.  Instead, I choose to notice my intention and attention, and decide to welcome a freedom of self in whatever condition of self might be current, and to dynamically spring up from the ground with joy and ease.

I saw a hawk today in the city and heard the hawk’s chirps because I had a wider view than possible knee pain. Evidence of embracing a wider view!

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