Another expression of gratitude

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on July 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Many humans and non-humans have provided essential assistance during my recovery journey.  As I proceed through this long haul, it is important  for me to express deep gratitude to the following kind and/or expert folks:

All of my dedicated students, who have been willing to learn with me in my journey to full recovery; Yoshiro for transformative acupuncture treatment; Maureen for many-leveled osteopathy; Lindsey for being wisely willing to explore recovery with me via Gyrotonic exercise; all the folks at Lighthouse Coffee who daily note  and cheer my slow but steady progress; dogs Ella, Ruffles, Georgie and Oliver for their enthusiasm to see me; my nephew Gabe for teaching me to moonwalk; Physical Therapists Heather and Barb for guiding me in necessary daily pursuits toward recovery;  my dear and patient friends for being willing to listen to me when I am in much dismay; my sweet and loving parents and siblings who have fed me, transported me, and understood how very hard it is for a Barrett to be less than fully mobile; Carmella, the cat who runs my home life, for insisting on play and affection daily;  and Marty, most emphatically, who has lifted my leg, rubbed my back in the wee hours,  done all the household chores, endured my outbursts of frustration, and loved me even in my temporarily reduced state.  He deserves a medal for endurance with grace!

Also thanks to local birds who brighten my days with song and flight, the lush views of foliage from home and office windows, the summer light and warmth that defeats depression, and the Alexander Technique, without which I may be wallowing and adrift.

My thanks to all!

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