End-gaining in Recovery

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on May 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Although it is embarrassing to admit to end-gaining in my recovery as an injured Alexander teacher, I am experiencing the results of pushing too hard to recover.

I got very excited that I could walk with more ease, and so began walking to my office and home again. Combined with my daily PT exercises, it became clear that I was end-gaining, as my knee became so painfully inflamed that I couldn’t do the necessary daily flexion stretching or PT strengthening, and was also unable to sleep due to tremendous pain.

Slow and steady is my new theme.  Although I desperately want to resume daily activities that previous to injury were a given, I have to prioritize a balance of rest and activity in a conscious fashion.

No matter how intensely I want to improve my strength, knee flexion and mobility, I cannot rush it with my will.  I need to rest, and to consider the overall use of my self.  I am so accustomed to being a very active and strong person that I have mistaken activity for recovery.  Resulting pain, and the huge, debilitating despair from pain, teaches me about my confusion; respect the pain, go slowly, allow process, and trust in eventual recovery.

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