Questions I wish my surgeon had asked

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on April 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I know surgeons focus upon the repair and the mechanics.  In an ideal world of health care, my surgeon would have asked the following:

How is your non-injured leg holding up with increased weight bearing and mobility demands?

How are the hip flexor and ankle joint on the knee injured leg?

Does your back hurt from necessary compensating use?

You look much thinner, and you were already thin when you were injured.  How is your appetite?

I understand that you are normally very active.  How are you coping with being inactive?  Has depression become an issue?

What necessary daily activities are most challenging for you?

Is your brace/cast/splint as comfortable as it can be?  Is there a way to adjust it for further comfort?

How are you sleeping?  Is the pain or brace/cast/splint interfering with much needed rest?

What concerns do you have about your return to full mobility, and how can we assist you in your full recovery?

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