Hope and Participation: Continued Recovery

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on April 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

After 9 weeks (but who’s counting?) of recovery from patella fracture, my hopes of resuming strength and function any time soon had been dimming.  Recovery from injury is an endurance test for anyone.  For someone as addicted to, and identified with, a high level of daily activity as I am, a long term recovery is torture on numerous levels.

My very skilled and smart Physical Therapist, Heather, provided renewed hope and some psychic endorphins when I saw her today.  Firstly, she had viewed my website, and had a fairly clear concept of what I do daily.  Secondly, and very importantly, she gave me an increased demand in rehab activities so that I can apply the use of myself in an increasingly dynamic manner.

An activity enthusiast such as myself wants deeply to participate in my healing and recovery.  This differs from the end-gaining urge in the sense that I want to attend to HOW I participate.  (Nevertheless, end-gaining can sneak stealthily into nearly any activity one considers “important”!)

Heather gave me an intelligent series of strengthening and re-balancing exercises to address the dismaying atrophy of my left leg.  She advised me to see myself as a student and take my own direction.  Humbly, I accept:  teacher, teach thyself.

Thus, I am re-learning to walk in a very basic fashion.  I am renewing my monkey with an entirely fresh perspective.  I am doing squats to the degree that my brace will allow, as well as numerous leg lifts to rebuild muscle fiber and nerve responses.

I remain confused in my newly faulty sensory appreciation, but trust in direction, inhibition, expert guidance, non-end gaining determination to see me through to the next level of recovery.

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