Flexion change/New Use

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on April 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

I admit that every Alexander skill and personal ounce of resilience has been faltering after 6 weeks in full legextension.  Depression, despair and that old slow dance with self -pity have been haunting my peripheral view.The “big picture” was beginning to shrink and fray into daily frustrations, many discomforts, and multi-layered distress.Today, I returned to the surgeon 6 weeks after the injury.  My challenged leg looks like an alien limb, and my fractured/repaired knee is swollen like a grapefruit.  The muscles, especially the quadriceps, are atrophied to near invisibility. 

Dr.  Mohammed thought it all looked great, except he wants me to do leg lifts to slow the muscle atrophy.  I will pursue this assignment with dedication and good use.I was given, and indeed it seems like a gift, 30 degrees flexion in the knee brace.  This flexion does not change my mobility much.  I will still need my cane for balance on the street, and face the same challenges in car-loading, stair walking and just plain old walking.  However, the slight flexion does shift discomfort to a more tolerable level.  And, most importantly, the change gives me hope that recovery is progressing.  I can begin to apply Alexander principles more effectively with the confidence that I am indeed getting better.

I do notice that I continue to use myself as though my leg is still fully extended.  How quickly habits take hold!  I will be observing the shift in my use to this new flexion over the next few weeks.

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