Continuing Recovery with Physical Therapy

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on April 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

After the discouraging and dire predictions from my surgeon, it was a great relief to meet my Physical Therapist,  Heather, today.  She began our meeting by asking, “What activities do you want to resume?”.”Running!!” I answered with great enthusiasm.  Heather didn’t see a problem with this goal, as long as I wasn’t thinking of marathons or running down hills, neither of which I was even vaguely considering.  

Heather was impressed with the activity level I have resumed since injury/surgery.  I showed her my Gyrokinesis daily routine, which she found quite consistent with the exercises she has designed for me to pursue.  Her only caution, seeing my high level of motivation, is not to push too hard.  If my knee gets sore, taper off a bit.  (I think my dancing has not been the best thing for my knee, but it has made me feel more alive and engaged)

I can perform the assigned exercises, which are various leg lifts from lying down and standing, with good use of myself.  Nothing she suggested seemed inconsistent with Alexander principles of attending to the whole self.

Having a means to participate more fully in recovery, and interacting with a health care professional who sees me beyond being an injured person, gives me renewed hope!  Guidance in resuming an overall elastic strength is just what I needed to continue optimistically and fully toward resuming my preferred active life.  It will take time, of course, but it is entirely possible for me to be active in all the ways I had enjoyed prior to injury.

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