Use with Changing Conditions

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Using oneself well in all activities does not require anything like perfection in structure or functioning.  Structure, function and use all influence one another, like a fluidly connected trinity.  Use is the aspect where we have dynamic choice.

Use, in Alexander terms, could be defined as a distribution of tone throughout the entire self, especially in response to stimulus.  Dynamic non-interference and directed thinking with the whole self change use, which affects functioning, which to some degree can affect structure.  Structure and function may well challenge use, yet use remains a dynamic choice.

I had learned in the past two weeks, with determination and creativity, to use myself as well as possible with a leg length splint.  Both my structure and functioning were very far from perfect, but I could make the best possible use of myself in the conditions at hand.  My use could not heal the shattered patella, but my use could assist how I was accomplishing activities with a shattered patella.

Today, the splint was exchanged for a brace device which takes my leg into even more vigorous extension.  The sensations are strange and disturbing, balance and mobility are unfamiliar in a whole new way, and my structure is clearly challenged.  The use of myself is the place where I can make a difference.  So, with these changed and challenging conditions of self, I have to renew dynamic non-interference and directed thinking in order to have the best possible balance of tone with the structure and function available to me.

Here are my intentions, directed in a continuous and circular fashion:

*Allow the ground to support me as I spring up

*Allow widening so that arms and legs undo from the torso, thus giving more connection to the ground

*Send my head up and forward with the elastic support of my whole self

There, that’s better!