Re-energizing the Entire Self

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

With any injury, slight or severe, chronic or acute, the typical human reaction is to limit flow of movement and intentional inclusion of the injured area.  This limitation spells out a reduction in elastic response, as well as a deadening of muscle and nerve connections.  A general diminishing personal energy also becomes a challenge in continuing to heal the whole self.

Obviously, I am applying my tools of attention and intention to use my entire self as an elastic instrument as much as I am capable of doing.  However, knowing that I need further guidance and assistance, I asked Master Gyrokinesis Instructor, Mia Munroe, to come by my office and help me energize my entire self in movement that was possible for me in my current condition of self.

Gyrokinesis (and Gyrotonic, which utilizes pulley equipment) apply principles that are wonderfully consistent with Alexander principles.  It is an approach that includes the entire thinking muscular self in a joyous, challenging and endlessly interesting manner.  I have been exploring and experiencing Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic  for 12 years now, and credit the system, in conjunction with my Alexander skills, with my high level of strength and flexibility.

Mia gave me a Gyrokinesis “rehab” routine that I can do on my own to maintain a level of balanced strength and a steady energetic flow, all sourced in good use of respiration.  I had a long teaching schedule yesterday, which could easily have been depleting and increased soreness in my injured leg.  Instead, using both my Alexander direction and the Gyrokinesis routine between lessons, I was able to have energy, enthusiasm, and confidence through a full day of teaching with a compromised elastic self.

For anyone seeking recovery in a dynamic way, I recommend not only the deep, ongoing learning of the Alexander Technique, but also the intelligence in movement that Gyrokinesis supports.  Recovery needs to be active, and involve dynamic participation for injured people to own and direct their return to fullest function possible.  I am finding more “passive” forms of treatment such as acupuncture and manual osteopathy extremely important as well, but being the activity enthusiast that I am, more dynamic means are of huge value, and I believe are of value for anyone.

Contact information for Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic: /   phone: 561 234 9531 (in Seattle area)   phone: 206 784 7895

ALL of the instructors at Gyrotonic Seattle are deeply trained and very skilled!