Post Injury: deeper recovery questions

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

The following questions currently linger for me without expectation of answers.  As I continue to apply Alexander principles as best I can to long-term recovery, a coordination of self may reveal new solutions. 

How do I use myself well in the sudden position of vastly increased dependency?

How do I keep depression and despair at bay when my preferred and life-long tools for emotional balance (vigorous activities) are no longer available?

Since my identity was partially based on being independent, mobile and physically strong, who am I now that I am dependent,  not fully mobile, and much weakened?

Can I survive several months of only being able to wear the 2 pairs of pants that fit over my brace?  This question may seem superficial, but hints at a much deeper issue, which is the shifted self-perception and challenged vanity of being in a physical state and definition that is unfamiliar.

What new coping skills am I learning in this experience?