Gratitude expression

Posted by Jeanne Barrett on March 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Expressing gratitude is an important aspect of my continuing recovery.  The kind thoughtfulness of the folks listed may also provide clues to those seeking to care for injured family members and friends in the future.

Profound and deep thanks to: Marty for patience, love and expert leg-lifting;  the caring and skilled people at Group Health, especially surgeon Dr. Mahommed; Yoshiro and Maureen for transformative treatments; Lindsey for daily espresso delivery as well as good company; Robert for a generous gift certificate to Amazon (I am knee deep in books!); Annie, Jeannie, Bobby and Darlene for delicious food deliveries; Ken and Deb for cookies and consistently amusing emails and voice mails;  Jean for flowers and farmer’s market shopping delights;  Marilyn for cat clicker and trash reading; Magali for quiche, croissants and wonderful company; Diane for books, flowers and intriguing conversation; Darlene for taxi service and love;  Ann for patient snail walk company; Dr.Bonehead for absurdist handicap recommendations (let’s all party in the handicap stall!); Megan for magazines, PCC gift certificate and daily cheer;  Lorna for home baked bread; Michael for friendship in sickness and in health;  Joanne for a gorgeous bouquet; my dear, loyal students for encouragement, supportive emails, and enthusiasm expressed for my return to teaching; Mia and Lindsey for Gyrokinesis rehab guidance;  John for teaching me the skills to respond elastically:  Carmella for insistence on play as a daily requirement; Ella the dog and Ruffles the dog for being excited to see me again;  and all who have expressed sympathy, support and confidence in my recovery via email, snail mail, voice mail or in person.  The above list is not in order of importance!  Every person’s (or animal’s)  contribution has been very important!

I am grateful!  Thank you!